www.wamayug.com is a venture by SUJATA INFOTECH.

Sujata Infotech

Sujata Infotech is a registered firm who owns wamayug.com. Incorporated on June 13, 2013, the company, by launching Wamayug, aims to empower today's woman while being united worldwide. Wamayug is an online platform for female users to express their talents and views while being associated with other members through social networking. This is a process to make today's woman technology savvy.


www.wamayug.com is a venture and an ambitious project by SUJATA INFOTECH. "WAMA" is a sanskrit word which means the leading lady of the family or the lady who has the potential to become the queen of the family. "YUG" is used in Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi and it means "An Era". The name "Wamayug" has been derived from these words which represents "Women's Era" and has been selected as a domain name since we intend to reflect our Indian identity worldwide.
We are pleased to create an exclusive online world for women. It is not about social networking only but it also aims to increase knowledge base of women. It aims to provide a secure and strong platform to women to explore their talent worldwide.


Every woman has the power to change the world and make the world happy and beautiful. We aim to make them aware of their inner strength and contribute their best to transform this world into a true and beautiful one.


Every woman is special. We aim to make them feel free to express their views and explore their hidden talent.


Sujata Umesh Dhokane (Chief Executive Officer (B.A., M.B.A., L.L.B.)) :
After completing her MBA and LLB, she had an aim to educate and empower every woman in every aspect of life. She is very much confident and positive that a woman can change the world if decided. This has been proved by many woman personalities. But this spark is still lacking in very large number of women, especially in developing countries.

She strongly believes that a woman has the enormous strength to challenge and change the world as it is today.
The concept of wamayug.com was initiated by her. The website name wamayug has been suggested by her. The idea is based on her strong assumption that the decision of a woman in a family very well can affect the final decision of that family. This project has been initiated to stretch that power of a woman to create a beautiful and happy world.

The firm has decided to employ only female staff for the execution activities of the site under supervision of our CEO.

She has been strongly supported by her husband, Mr. Umesh Bharat Dhokane, for the project. He has accepted the responsibility of Chief Financial Executive and takes care of Marketing, Finance and Technical departments of the firm.